14 Reasons Why Businesses Should Hire OSINT Experts

The use of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools and techniques is becoming increasingly commonplace in fields such as investigative journalism, due diligence reporting, fraud investigations, law enforcement, litigation, cybersecurity, and many other areas where large quantities of public information must be gathered and accurately assessed and analyzed within a limited time span.

Organizations and businesses are therefore starting to realize the significant usefulness of regularly contracting with OSINT consultants or even employing OSINT professionals as permanent staff members.

But what advantages do these professionals bring to the table? We’re glad you asked; here’s a partial list:

1. Access to More Information

OSINT experts can cull through public information and disparate data sources to provide you with valuable intelligence. This can be used to gain a competitive advantage, identify new leads and clients, and generate high-quality reports.

2. They Understand Security

Because OSINT is done on publicly available internet content, it must adhere to strict guidelines for lawful searches and reporting. An expert will know what documents should be legally accessible without compromising your business intelligence efforts.

3. Find Local Information Globally

Through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (to name a few), an expert will be able to collect valuable locally stored information that may not otherwise be accessible from where they are physically located. For example, someone living in New.

An OSINT expert will have the ability to research through numerous websites, blogs, articles, news sites, and other online groups. This includes people who are searching on Google, Twitter, or Facebook. There is no limit to how much data someone can find with experience and knowledge of where to look. Many people who end up doing this work themselves attempt to do so using only a few sites, limiting the amount of information they can find.

4. Cutting Edge Knowledge

There is always new information being created. Experienced professionals understand the way data changes over time and can recognize what information will be outdated or irrelevant before it becomes obsolete. This allows them to find older but still relevant data that would be lost with someone who does not know how to search out these details.

5. An Expert’s Opinion

OSINT experts spend time researching and analyzing the data they find. They know what questions to ask, what information needs to be looked at further, and which connections need to be made to understand what the data means in its entirety. Someone who has not been trained in performing these tasks would not know where or how to begin their search, making it much more difficult for them to reach any conclusions about the information they find along the way.

6. Hire an Insider

In addition to having experience with OSINT data collection, OSINT experts have a deep understanding of how to use social media sites. They know what information can be located if it is not visible to the average user. Due to the nature of their work, many are also proficient in using tools that may not be available on the average computer, which allows them to find even more detailed information about individuals online.

There are several ways you can put an OSINT specialist’s skill set to work for your business or team. If you are looking for leads within a specific niche or industry, they can help you find people who would otherwise remain hidden from competitors’ eyes. An OSINT expert can look through their posts and tweets on various social media sites for comments about products or services related to your industry. They can also use this expertise to help you find people online who are interested in your niche, which would be otherwise time-consuming for you to do yourself or through traditional advertising methods.

Every business is different and has different needs for expanding its reach. Hiring an OSINT expert can help you grow your online presence quickly by putting their skillset to work for your team. If you are looking for an edge over competitors, a reputable OSINT specialist will be able to uncover enough knowledge about them to give your business the upper hand.

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